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eBay Shipping Basics

ebay shipping

When you sell your thrift shop items on eBay, your first impression on the buyer comes with your auction site, and the second when your package arrives. The buyer expects to receive it quickly and in the condition represented on eBay, and quick shipping can help your feedback. Here are some shipping supplies you’ll need to have, and tips to save time and money and create happy buyers who will look for more to buy from you.

A good postal scale, readily available at an office supply store, eBay, Amazon, or the USPS website is the first item you’ll need if you plan to do the majority of shipping from home . A scale that weighs items up to 25 pounds is usually sufficient , however a 10 lb capacity scale can work well too especially if you have a bathroom scale to weigh larger packages. Digital scales are more accurate, but not necessary. An adequate postal scale can run anywhere from about $19.99 to $89.99.  A 10 lb. capacity scale from the USPS website is $39.99. You should always weigh your packaged items before you set the shipping price so you will know how much to charge. Don’t guess. Weigh!

You’ll also need boxes of all different shapes and sizes.  Save boxes from your own purchases. Ask friends and family to save any sturdy boxes for you. The USPS offers free Priority Mail shipping boxes.  You can walk into your local post office branch and get these or you can order them directly from the USPS website and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Padded mailers are available in various sizes.  You can find these at your office supply store or retailers like Walmart or Target. I often find good buys at our local dollar store.  Shop around for the best prices and remember that when you buy in bulk, you’ll usually get the best price. You’ll need some shipping tape as well.  Clear shipping tape works great and you can also buy this in bulk to save money.  Get the tape with the plastic frame with a cutter. It will save you time.

Almost any fragile item should be wrapped in bubble wrap. Remember to recycle bubble wrap you receive in packages sent to you.  Save tissue paper and Styrofoam peanuts as they can come in handy when packing larger, fragile items.

Ebay makes it easy to print shipping labels with postage directly from their website. Their postage is usually discounted and the funds come directly from PayPal. You’ll need a good supply of black printer ink and white copy paper.  Some sellers prefer using sticker labels but as long as you have white paper and clear tape, you are good to go.

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