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Easy Money on eBay With Arbitrage

easy money on ebay with arbitrageEasy money on eBay isn’t always all that easy, but often it is. Here is a great example of how I just make a quick profit through arbitrage.

Arbitrage is simply defined as price differentials for an identical item between two markets. For example, a commodity trader might buy sugar from a foreign country for  $.18 per pound and immediately resell it for $.20 per pound on a U.S. exchange. That’s a 10% profit in less than 30 seconds and it’s done thousands of times each day.

I’m not a commodities trader, but I am aware of price inefficiencies and opportunities for a quick profit using eBay and other online merchants and sources.

In this case, I bought this Coach purse for $132.50 delivered to my door from an online store. It wasn’t what I wanted when I opened the box, but I had a 30 day return period. Instead of boxing it back up immediately,  I put it on eBay and sold it quickly for $189.99 at a Buy It Now price for a quick $50 profit.

Paying attention to market inefficiencies and price differentials is one of the best ways to profit on eBay!

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