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Couch Potato’s Guide To Making Money on eBay

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I have discovered another easy way for you to get some FREE merchandise to sell and it’s ridiculously easy.

I subscribe to several websites that I either take surveys for, or simply visit other websites and earn points.

You also can earn points by going through the website when you shop online.  One of my favorites is called myPoints (www.mypoints.com) There are even apps you can use, such as Viggle. You earn points for opening the app on your smartphone, clicking the app and then watching TV and earning points which you can then redeem for gift cards.

Another popular app is ShopKick.  With ShopKick, you “check in” at stores where  you are shopping and can earn points.  You can accrue more points by showing the cashier your Smartphone at the register when you make a purchase at the store.  These websites and apps are super easy to use.

Once I have accumulated enough points from one of these websites or apps, I can cash them in for gift cards at  just about every store imaginable.

Most of these sites have a very large selection of gift cards to choose from.  I just recently redeemed enough points for a $25.00 gift card to TJ Maxx, which is a great store to find inventory to resell.

This essentially means you get $25.00 (free) to spend at the store to find stuff to resell.  Every penny (other than eBay and PayPal fees) is PROFIT.  Hit the clearance racks at the store and you could easily come home with several BRAND NEW or NWT items to sell.  And it’s easy!  You can earn bigger gift cards too, just depends on how fast you earn points.

A couple of times a month I earn enough from these sites and apps to get free gift cards and free inventory to sell on eBay or Amazon.  Some months I have earned over $200.00 in free gift cards just by shopping through or visiting these websites and/or apps.

And with that $200.00+, I have turned that into well over $400.00 in profit.

Try it!  Get the apps above, settle down on the couch and watch some TV–remember, your working!

How’s that for passive income?

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