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Ask Michelle

Questions from our readers can be asked through the Contact Form, or for our book readers, my personal email in the book.

FROM DINA: What is your opinion on getting into selling children’s antiquarian or collectable books? Should I sell them on eBay or Amazon? 

Dina, try eBay first. Ebay gives you opportunities to showcase your books with your own photography, description, and title.  Collectable books are a good selling category on eBay.

Be sure you use a light box, as pictured in the bonus chapter of my book. Sometimes just the right lighting can highlight character marks that can add authenticity to your book. When you write the description, think who you buyer will be and if they will be reading to a child, or if a child will be reading. Try to explain the general story in two or three sentences, and of course give as much history about the book and author as you can find. There’s more on writing descriptions here.

Keep in mind that unless you’re an FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)seller, Amazon will need to have the item already listed before you can list it yourself. I’m going with eBay on this one, and don’t forget Etsy.

Hope this helps, Dina  ~ Michelle