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Michelle Angell is The Thrift Shop Angel.

With over 14 years of experience selling numerous items on eBay and Amazon and with over 4,000 eBay  feedback comments with a 100% rating, Michelle is an expert in finding used books, clothing, and household goods in thrift stores, at close outs, yard sales, and on the internet and flipping them for unusually large profits.


She was recently interviewed in The Sacramento Bee, a McClatchy Publication, and told her story of how she has created a steady stream of income through buying and selling usually lower priced items at a large price spread.


Her first love is thrift shops, and in The Thrift Shop Angel Michelle tells you how to start with little or no cash to build the skills to pay the bills and more,  and have fun while doing it!


To contact Michelle with your questions, simply email her here:

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